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Remediation Center

Every person is unique in this world and so is every child. Our education system sometimes is not sufficient to assess a child. Our education system is seen to have a very limited ways of assessing a child's abilities and intelligence.

Dhruv Academy runs a remediation center for such students. Different types of teaching techniques along with different games are used in the one to one remedial sessions. Theses one to one sessions yield best results as the child gets the complete attention of her/his remedial teacher.

India's tradition in education was 'Gurukul System'. No discrimination was made between the students and every student was required to do some work. Krisna, Sudama, Pendya learned together though they had different abilities, capacities and strengths for learning. If five fingers of a hand are considered as 'Pandav', every finger of hand having different capacity but when they work united, the total strength increases a lot. This was the INDIAN approach to towards education. During British regime, they changed the approach to suit their interest and it affected the basic Indian thought behind education. In the 'Bigrite Matriculate' system (KG to 10th), the approach was on all Inclusive and integrated development of the students.

In the changed scenario, however, the marks obtained by a student have become indicators to decide his/her talent. The all-inclusive option is lost. The effects on the students are seen but nobody cares about the causes behind it. The approach of the school management started changing to such extent that those students whom they feel are not fit to sit and learn with other students, the management forces their parents to change the school. When actual causes behind the academic failure are not traced, a child with good intellectual capacities might get suspended from the school and his talent and skills might get suppressed. Nobody takes pain to understand the effects on the children due to the changes in the family structure and life style. It is true that awareness in parents is increasing but it does not mean that a child with special needs necessarily be sent to special schools. Failure and misinterpretation is causing emotional stress. Hence there is a need to imbibe a thought in the society at large that if a child is fit intellectually, he must get opportunity to be in the main stream of education. Still there are children who require different school infrastructure and settings, teachers with specialized training to enhance their capacities and develop skills (e.g mentally challenged children, physically challenged etc.)

With this object in mind we introduced a concept of running a center under the roof of the school itself, for children who need one to one remediation or counselling. Two sessions in a week are sufficient for each child.