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What is Career?

"Two roads diverged in woods, But I chose the one less traveled by and that has made all the difference" - Robert Frost

Need for career guidance:

We see students getting confused while making decisions regarding their careers. It's not that they do not have dreams and a will to decide a fixed line. Most of the times, this confusion is the result of the gap between the student's choice and expectations of her/his parents.

Usually few factors are not taken under consideration while making the career choice.

People often misunderstand the concept of Aptitude:
Interest: Something a person likes.
Aptitude: A person's ability, acquired or innate, to learn, or develop knowledge of a skill in specific area.
Intelligence: A general set of different mental abilities

People usually fail to understand the difference between the 3 terms mentioned above.When a person has an interest i.e. the person likes the field, when s/he has the ability to develop expertise in the field and when the person's personality best suits that particular career profile, it becomes the best career choice for the person.

Dhruv Academy has designed a package where all the areas will be checked and best possible decision is made on the basis of the test results as well as counselling session of the student along with her/his parents.

This package includes three types of tests

The counselling session is arranged within the next two to three days after the administration of the test according to the convenience of the student, parents and the counselor Along with this testing, if there are some areas found to be worked upon, the career counsellor advices sessions with the psychologists. These sessions are the part of our behavioural counseling.


Other Institutes Dhruv academy
Uses of tests Tests standardized according to western norms. Tests standardized on indian norms
Mostly only aptitude is considered. Aptitude, interest and personality considered
Time taken Takes 5-6 hours if more than 1 test used ( interest, aptitude n personality) In all only 3 and half hour used
Graphology Not used Assessment based on both structured (tests) and projective method (graphology)
Means of solving tests Only paper paencils or computerized Both paper pencil and computerized
Report explainations Not more than half an hour No time constraints
Actual guidance Actual guidance after explaining the report is not offered (e.g. Entrances, institutes) Report explained with further recommendations
Possibility of re-discussion Extra charges and schedules for re-discussion Re-discussion of any existing client is possible
Other recommendations Other recommendations for further development (e.g. Language improvement, confidence building) are not given. All recommendation related to overall growth of the student are offered or suggested.