About Us

Personal Background :

Founder - Mr. Dilip Suresh Bapat

Mr. Dilip Bapat graduated as a production engineer from Vishwakarma Institute of Technology (V.I.T.), Pune in 2006. He had strong inclination towards social work from his childhood days and hence he decided to devote5 years to work through the social organizations operationalat the grass root level in the regions of Satara and Kolhapur. He did not pursue post graduation and believed that his field work would bestow him "real life" education.

Through those five years filled with mesmerizing experiences, he came to the realization of different problems faced by people in rural area and urban area, be it issues with quality of education of children, issues of youngsters having lack of correct information on career options or issues on family front to provide healthy conducive environment for professional progress. He came across youths missing out on valuable years and opportunities in life just because they did not get right guidance at home, school and society at large. Through this awakening, he got the answer as to which area he should start his work after returning home. With credulous support from his family, while helping in their family business, he also started working in the field of his core interest i.e. in career guidance and coaching. His professor and an accomplished education counselor Mr. Shirish Apte supported and guided him to lead to the decision of founding Dhruv academy.

Dhruv academy - Origin

Pune city is well known as the hometown of education, the abode of learning. It is an educational hub where students from small cities and rural areas come filled with great hope and expectations to study and make their fortune. Dhruv academy was founded in 2011 to facilitate and provide correct guidance to all such students. Our vision has been to provide them a trusting platform and offer them a launch pad to success.

Our work has progressed well since 2011 due to the excellent team of senior colleagues Mrs. Sharvari Apte and Mrs. Madhavi Patwardhan, both of them having wide and varied experience in the field of education.


  • To facilitate students and their parents by providing appropriate information on career options.
  • To understand academic issues faced by young and aspiring students and provide them counseling to choose correct path forward.
  • To provide career counseling in the nearby suburbs of Pune and other rural areas.
  • To provide accurate and necessary information to the students coming to Pune from rural areas and small cities.
  • To cultivate the liking for studies in children according to their own interests and abilities
  • To nurture the right attitude in students about education in this changing era of education systems.
  • To nurture self-study skills in school going children.
  • To foster different abilities such as decision making, confidence speaking, oratory skills, practicality etc.
  • To bring the children having specific learning difficulty in the mainstream of education, and to help city schools achieve the development and training of such children in their regular course of education.
  • To spread awareness in the parents about special needs of children with specific leaning difficulty and help them get the right aid.


We are committed to provide quality service and adequate information while working in the field of education and offering the paid services due to practicalities involved in it. Our vision is to establish the academic institution while securing commercial yet social aspects.